Please Pray for Moses

Moses' Mom, Nurse Cynthia and Chaplain Mercy with Baby Moses

Moses’ Mom, Nurse Cynthia and Chaplain Mercy with Baby Moses

Our Director for Africa, Justus Marete, sent us this story today: “I met seven-day-old Moses at our BethanyKids at Kijabe Hospital ward today.  Moses, his mom and Veronica Sikuku, one of the disciplers, spent three days on the road traveling: first, by walking a long distance from their remote village at the border of Southern Sudan, Northern Eastern Uganda and northern Kenya, then a motor bike, a lorry that was ferrying building materials and matatus for the rest of the way. Moses has been traveling nearly half his life to get to us!

It is not a minor miracle that Moses is still alive. Veronica told me that when he was born earlier in the week, the mom noticed a wound on his back and the rest of the villagers encouraged the young mom to do what they have always done with babies like Moses: abandon him in a nearby bush to die of neglect. The villagers are scared of babies born with disabilities and they consider them bad omen.

Veronica Sikuku, who saved another baby in another village nearby, heard of this sad incident and left everything that she was doing. She accompanied Moses and his mom to Kijabe.

Moses started on antibiotics to treat various infections and food nutrients to prepare him for surgery that is scheduled for next week. When I visited, Moses was crying, a sign that he still has some strength left in him. He reminded me of another Moses who was floated down River Nile in North Africa.

Please pray for Moses, his mom and the people in their village.”



One thought on “Please Pray for Moses

  1. Thank you so much for sharing Mose’s story with me. May the God of all grace save Moses. May God bless you and Amanda for all you are doing there. We will be praying for all of you there.

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